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TASWE (Tanzania Saccos for Women Entrepreneurs) is an independent financial institution providing deposits and credit facilities to its members. In addition TASWE SACCOS aims to provide technical advice on house construction and renovation and various economic activities to its members…

Our Services

Collective Savings

We are collecting savings from our members monthly to encourage them on having the habit for savings for their future investment.

Offering Credits

We provide loan to our members to the extent of three times of their savings. All of our loans have affordable rates..

Entrepreneurship Training

We empower entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship skills among Tanzanian women, men and youth through education and different trainings.

Market Exploration

We are searching for markets within and outside the country to ensure that our entrepreneurs products are sold at a best price.


Benefit Loan

Small Loan

Together you can build a better life.

Education Loan

Let’s join hands in shaping the future of the nation.

Business Loan

See your business reach higher heights.

Material Loan (Benifit Plots, car, Bodaboda, Bajaj)

TASWE hepp you to reach your goal

National Health Insurance Fund Card

Members are provided with health insurance card (NHIF)

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OUR VISION To become a leading financial institution in providing financial services in urban and rural areas with stakeholders participation.
OUR MISSION To encourage members on Savings and buying of shares to be able to secure loans at low interest rate for their business developments.

Membership procedures

  1. Joining Registration form 25,000
  2. Membership Fee for year (Year Fee) 60,000
  3.  Your Saving 20,000
  4. Your Shares 200,000

For a new member, total 305,000 for complete registration with 200,000 shares in your account and 20,000 saving

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